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Alkaline Water? Good Or Bad For You?

Have you consider drinking good clean water using a 5 filter system to clean your water of contaminants plus adding a 6th alkaline ceramic conversion filter?

Will this make the most incredible healthy drinking water ever?

Without filtration your drinking water can contain:
1. Chlorine
2. Chloramine
3. Small particles in the water mains that wind up in your drinking water.
4. Bacterias
5. Viruses
6. Petroleum Products, gas, oil, etc.
7. Traces of drugs flushed down the toilet that end up in our water supply.

Affordable Alkaline naturally produced ceramic conversion system usually $500 or less can be considered an incredibly good healthy drinking water?

Really if nothing else the 5 filtration system will give you a very clean and safe drinking water for you and your family.

Now the Alkaline part is where it gets interesting.

Why, well mostly because people don’t know what Alkaline water is?

Let me explain 5 year ago a friend of mine called me and said that there was an electric machine that made Alkaline water and it cost $4,000 plus.

I was very much interested in the idea that there was such a thing as Alkaline water even if it cost so much money (4K plus).

I heard of Alkaline diet which I learned about after trying to understand why my mother had such a horrible cancer experience and subsequent painful death.

I wanted an alternative or rather a way to avoid cancer altogether.

After witnessing my mother go through chemotherapy, radiation removal of both breast and ulcers all over her body from the chemo and radiation I had to make sense of what I witness.

I started to read about what causes cancer, why use Chemotherapy, Radiation why remove my mothers breast, why, why.

My mother died from cancer Jan 1977 it’s now Feb 2014 thirty seven years latter and nothing has changed the medical profession still number one solution is the knife, Chemotherapy and Radiation.

Yes lives are prolonged (maybe) but at what price, unbearable pain and suffering.

I personally will never accept are go through what my mother went through not one drop of Chemo, no radiation, no knife!

What is my alternative, well let me explain the things I have learned and personally witness. I have tried to educate myself by reading interviewing healthy people and sick.
I have witness people that have survived serious illnesses where lives were saved not prolonged but actually saved and without the painful side effects.

Let get back alkaline water, alkaline water has Antioxidant properties (destroy free radicals), your body is 75% water change the water in your body start to go back to your old self, back to feeling normal and plenty of energy.
Alkaline water helps you keep your normal Ph balance at 7.3 Ph.
(Free radicals are acidic cells that are dying, these dying cell cause early aging)
If you put alkaline water in a spray bottle you can even use it clean counters, tables etc. Alkaline water has the ability to eliminate bacteria.
Bottle water has been strip of the bad and the good that the water started out with, basically it’s dead water and it ‘s perfect to convert to Alkaline water.

To be continued very soon.
Arthur Flores